Below are projects offered by AIBN researchers during the 2010/11 Summer Scholarships Projects. Please note this information is for reference only.

Dr Krassen Dimitrov

  1. Nanodumbbells for molecular diagnostics: integrating pathogen-specific antibodies into nanostructure designs for single-molecule detection (for biology/chemistry students)
  2. Electronic detection of bio-specific nanostructures with nanosensors (for physics/engineering students)
  3. Applications of Magnetophoresis in biodetection (for physics/engineering students)

Prof Peter Halley

  1. Water resistant biodegradable starch polymers
  2. Low cost poly(hydroxybutyrate) polymers from waste streams

Prof Michael Monteiro

  1. Next Generation Nanostructures
  2. Smart Nanopolymers for Drug Delivery
  3. Nanopolymer Composites with Complex Architectures Prepared in Water
  4. Mechanisms in Living Radical Polymerisation 

Prof Lars Nielsen

  1. Engineering microbes for production of jet fuel from sucrose
  2. Systems biology: integrating omics data for consistent models

Prof Justin Cooper-White/Dr Chamindie Punyadeera

  1. Evaluation of various saliva sampling collection devices and design of a user friendly saliva sample collector
  2. One step immunoassay to detect heart failure and heart attack in saliva

A/Prof Shizhang Qiao

  1. Mesoporous nanomaterials for targeted and controlled release of biocides

Prof Matt Trau

  1. Elastic nanopores for single molecule readout
  2. DNA nanomachines for early breast cancer detection
  3. Nanoscaled point-of-care diagnostics
  4. Mining for biomarkers with nanotechnology: early disease detection

Prof Andrew Whittaker/Dr Annette Dexter

  1. Peptide hydrogels for tissue engineering and drug delivery

Prof Chengzhong (Michael) Yu

  1. Novel Nano-carriers Targeting Cancer Stem Cells

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