Agriculture nanotechnology

Development of nanotechnology for agriculture
Based on strong collaborations in the area of nanoparticles for animal vaccines and crop treatment.

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AIBN's Five Pillars of Research are designed to enable AIBN to innovate solutions to solve society’s problems through sustainable materials, healthy living and translational success.

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Agriculture nanotechnology

Innovation is urgently needed to meet the agricultural challenges associated with population growth, climate change, and food security. Nanotechnology represents an opportunity to improve agricultural productivity and yield while ensuring sustainability. To this end, AIBN researchers are working closely with industry and collaborators across UQ to develop novel nanotechnology solutions, including the design of smart nanomaterials to substantially improve crop fertilisation, reduce pesticide use, and improve water management. AIBN researchers are also exploring nanotechnology applications that will advance the way we treat and vaccinate livestock, while reducing reliance on antibiotics.  ​

Agriculture nanotechnology research

AIBN's research initiatives in agriculture nanotechnology are supported by industry and as a UQ strategic initiative.

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