Stem cell ageing and regenerative engineering

Development of solutions for regeneration of ageing stem cells
Focus on building knowledge and developing techniques for slowing down stem cell depletion and loss of function in the human body.

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Stem cell ageing & regenerative engineering

We are in the midst of an unprecedented demographic shift in ageing. By the year 2050, people over age 65 will account for more than 16% of the global population. In order to contend with the socio-economic impacts of increasing longevity, we must improve our understanding of the biology of ageing and develop clinical interventions for a wide range of conditions associated with older age. AIBN researchers are investigating the ageing process at a molecular, cellular and organismal level to determine the key mechanisms of healthy ageing and identify the sources of its disruption. Through advances in pluripotent stem cell research and regenerative medicine we are seeking ways to reverse declining cell and tissue function, with a view to improving health and activity across the entire human life span.

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