The Protein Expression Facility (PEF) is Australia’s leading protein research facility with an excellent track record that specialises in recombinant protein production for both academic and industry researchers.

Founded in 2004 at the University of Queensland, PEF incorporates state-of-the-art facilities and a team of highly skilled research specialists that possess an extensive knowledge and expertise in protein expression and purification. In recognition for its long-standing commitment and outstanding contribution to the research community, PEF has been awarded the 2016 UQ Award for Excellence in Service and the Chancellor's Award for Team Excellence in 2013.

PEF delivers quality proteins for diverse applications in the areas of structural biology and chemistry, drug screening and discovery, vaccine development and delivery, protein therapeutics, functionalised material, biomedical imaging and agricultural science. It is the only protein facility in Australia offering expression services in E. coli, yeast, baculovirus-insect cell, mammalian cell and eukaryotic cell-freeLeishmania tarentolae. By utilising a rapid and flexible protein production pipeline, the facility streamlines molecular cloning, protein expression and protein purification while delivering an industry-competitive turnaround time. The pipeline provides flexibility and freedom to users to enter and leave the production process as they decide.

The facility has a training program for research staff and students to develop technical skills in protein expression and purification. Trained staff and students can access our facility to conduct their protein production. For enquiries on our training program and access to our facility please contact us.

PEF provides high quality materials and know-how to the University of Queensland users.  Custom vectors and reagents for cloning, expression and purification are available.

The PEF Advantage
  • Robust protein production pipeline providing flexibility to users
  • High quality proteins for diverse applications
  • Cost-effective services with an industry-competitive turnaround time
  • Comprehensive scientific reports
  • Responsive, collaborative customer service
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PEF is proud to be an invited international partner in the Protein Production and Purification Partnership in Europe (P4EU). This network initiative was started in 2010 to improve service outcomes for user groups. The P4EU aims include:

  • Sharing and exchange of information, protocols and material
  • Access to new technologies
  • Developing and/or evaluating new or emerging technologies
  • Establishing standards for protein related work
  • Enabling collaboration between users
  • Training of users

For more information, please visit our network's web site at