Nanomaterial design for rechargeable battery application

Positions available: 1

Description: Energy storage system plays a significant role in securing our sustainable energy future, while how to develop low cost and high efficient energy storage system remains a key challenge. Rechargeable batteries such as lithium ion batteries and sodium ion batteries are promising energy storage systems to address this challenge. In this program, the applicants are required to work on the design and development of innovative semiconductor nanomaterials as high capacity battery electrode materials, which are expected to improve the capacity and cycling performance of batteries.

Expected outcomes and deliverables: The applicants will gain skills in nanomaterial synthesis, battery assembly and testing, data collection and interpretation, and have an opportunity to generate publications from their research. The students will also be asked to deliver an oral presentation at the end of their project.

Suitable for: This project is open to applications from students with a background in chemical engineering and other engineering related disciplines, 2-4 year students, UQ enrolled students only.

Project duration: 10 weeks.

Primary supervisor: Professor Lianzhou Wang, Dr. Bin Luo.  Further