Continuing Professional Development

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A Short Course in Biologics

A Short Course in Biologics is a CPD initiative developed by Professor Stephen Mahler. An increasing proportion of pharmaceutical company revenue is derived from biologics, with growth in new biologics exceeding that of pharmaceuticals.

Course participants include stakeholders from the biologics industry, including those working in regulatory affairs, pharmaceutical companies, biotechnology small and medium enterprises, patent and legal services, research institutes, clinical medicine and other organisations. Courses can be delivered on-demand, as face-to-face seminars or workshops, or online.

CRA/StemCore iPS Cell Workshop

The CRA/StemCore iPS Cell Workshop is aimed at giving participants both practical experience with generation, identification and analysis of iPS cells (practical component); and providing a theoretical background to the fast developing field of iPS cell research (lecture component).

Developed by Professor Ernst Wolvetang, this workshop would be particularly suitable for people entering the iPS field. Some experience in cell culture would be desirable, but not essential.