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For the purpose of this demo we will assume that a student is looking to apply for an undergraduate degree.

1. Choose your program

Whether you’re focused on a specific discipline or open to exploring all opportunities available to you, the first step in the application process is finding a program that’s right for you.

Get started by searching for a program or browsing our study areas. Here you’ll find the essential information you need to choose the right degree that will connect your passions, your talents, and your career.

Start your journey to create change

Find a program that's right for you


 Applying for Doctor of Medicine

There is a different application process for those applying for the Doctor of Medicine (MD) program, please refer to Applying for the Doctor of Medicine (MD).

 Applying for a one-year honours degree

To apply for a UQ one-year honours degree, please refer to Applying for honours study.

Program snapshot

It's important you not only find a program you'll be good at and will enjoy, but you meet all academic and other entry requirements, and are aware of specific program deadlines. See below for a snapshot of how we present our undergraduate program information and what you should take note of before applying.

If you’re not sure about something, or you just want some advice and more information to help you decide what to study, contact us or a UQ representative in your country.

If you’re an international student studying at an overseas university/institution, please refer to the Study Abroad and Incoming Exchange website.