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For the purpose of this demo we will assume that a student is looking to apply for an undergraduate degree.

2. Entry requirements

A UQ degree shows you have achieved a standard of excellence at one of the world’s most respected universities.

Our entry requirements for undergraduate study reflect this, with applicants needing to meet minimum entry requirements to be considered for admission. This may include:

If you have not met the minimum requirements to be considered for admission, you might want to consider a pathway or prerequisite course.

Queensland Year 12 or equivalent Australian or international studies

Queensland Year 12 studies or equivalent Australian or international studies are considered necessary for applicants to qualify for entry into most undergraduate programs.

Entry scores

If you have completed Queensland Year 12 or equivalent Australian or international studies, you must also have a sufficient entry score to gain admission.

Entry scores for each program ensure applicants with different qualifications, from different countries, meet the same equivalent standard for entry to a particular program.

Queensland Year 12 or interstate equivalent studies

If you are currently studying Year 12 in Australia, you must achieve the overall position (OP) or ATAR equivalent for UQ undergraduate programs.

International equivalent Year 12 studies

If you are currently studying Year 12 equivalent studies abroad, you must achieve the minimum international entry scores for UQ undergraduate programs.

Non-school leavers

If you are not a current school leaver, your application will be considered on an individual basis. Study you have completed after secondary or high school can be considered for entry. If you meet the equivalent entry score for your program and are eligible for entry, you may also be able to apply for admission with credit.

A small number of programs have limited places available, with competition for admission high. It is therefore possible to meet the minimum entry requirements, but not be offered a place. 

Subject prerequisites

Subject prerequisites are specific Queensland Year 12, interstate or international equivalent subjects considered necessary to undertake a program successfully.

You need to have successfully completed a program’s subject prerequisites to be considered for admission.

If you're interested in completing a dual degree program, you must satisfy the subject prerequisites for both programs.

If you are not currently studying Year 12 or equivalent studies in your home country, UQ International Admissions will assess your application on a case-by-case basis and see if you have successfully studied subjects, after leaving school, which are the equivalent to the prerequisites.

Some programs also have recommended non-compulsory study suggestions that will ensure you have a better understanding of program material.

English language proficiency requirements

English is the language of instruction and assessment at UQ. As an international student you will need to demonstrate your English language proficiency ability to be eligible for the UQ program of your choice. This may include:

Other equivalent tests such as the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) and Pearson Test of English (PTE) Academic may be accepted, with other qualifications and experience also be considered.

Some programs have higher English proficiency requirements; see individual program requirements.

Full details are given in UQ's Policy and Procedures Library (PPL).

Learn more about our English language requirements

Program specific application requirements

For entry to some of our programs, we consider more than entry scores and subject prerequisites. In these cases we need to know more about you and may ask you to, for example, visit UQ for an audition (Bachelor of Music) or complete a specific admission test (e.g. ISAT for entry to the Bachelor of Dental Science (Honours)).

For specific entry requirement information, please see the academic program you are interested in studying.