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For the purpose of this demo we will assume that a student is looking to apply for an undergraduate degree.

4. Pathways and prerequisite courses

We recognise not everyone takes the same path to undergraduate study. For some it’s a relatively simple progression after completing a school-leaver qualification in Australia or your home country. For others, a level of preparation or support is required to transition and bridge the gap between your qualifications and minimum university standards and subject prerequisites.

We're here to help you find the best pathway to suit your requirements.


English language pathways

To succeed at UQ, you will need excellent English language skills. If you meet all the academic entry requirements for your preferred UQ program, but need further English language training, you can apply to follow one of our English language pathways through the Institute of Continuing & TESOL Education (ICTE-UQ).

Learn more about English language pathways

UQ Foundation Year

The UQ Foundation Year, offered by International Education Services (IES), provides a bridge between your secondary and undergraduate studies.

Appropriate for students looking to satisfy UQ's minimum entry requirements – including equivalent Queensland Year 12 studies, minimum entry score and subject prerequisites – graduates from Foundation Year will receive a Certificate IV in University Preparation and, contingent on studying your preferred undergraduate program’s Foundation Year entry requirement subjects, are guaranteed* an offer into UQ.

If you do not meet the academic requirements for UQ entry, you may be eligible to apply for UQ's Foundation Year pathway. Package programs that include ICTE-UQ English language and Foundation Year studies are available for students who do not meet the Foundation Year Program English language entry requirements.

With a strong record of ongoing undergraduate performance, the Foundation Year has been the perfect starting-point for more than 4000 international students.

*Entry is not guaranteed for competitive programs where quotas may apply.

Learn more about Foundation Year

UQ College

UQ College offers an alternative entry for international students wishing to study business. Designed for business leaders and managers of the future, the Associate Degree in Business (AssocDBus) is a 16-month (four trimesters) UQ-accredited program that will give you a strong stand-alone qualification.

If you complete the AssocDBus with a minimum cumulative grade point average of 4 (on a 7-point scale), you will be eligible to apply for UQ’s Bachelor of Business Management (BBusMan) and receive 24 units of credit (three semesters full-time), leaving you three semesters to complete the undergraduate program.

Learn more about UQ College


If you’re not offered a place in your preferred program and want to improve your entry score or meet subject prerequisites, you can accept an offer in a less competitive program with fewer prerequisites and try to improve your entry score. This is called "upgrading".

We recommend you complete the equivalent of at least one full year (16 units at UQ) of bachelor degree study with suitable results to improve your entry rank. The better your results, the greater chance you have of admission to your preferred program.

Once you have completed a full year of tertiary study, you can then request a program change into your preferred degree of choice, if you have met the requisite GPA for entry to that program. Keep in mind once you have attempted a full-time year of tertiary study, we use this to assess whether you meet our requirements for your program choice. We will no longer use your Australian Year 12 or equivalent school results for entry. Note also that if your preferred degree of choice is a quota program, places are limited and entry competitive.

Contact UQ International for more information. 

Prerequisite courses

If you are onshore in Australia or willing to study externally from home, a few options are available if you need to satisfy a subject prerequisite for your preferred program.

Learn more about prerequisite courses

For more information about pathways and prerequisite courses, contact us or a UQ representative in your country.