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For the purpose of this demo we will assume that a student is looking to apply for an undergraduate degree.

5. Fees

Going to university is a big financial commitment, but don’t let the cost of study deter you. Your education is the best investment you will ever make.

Tuition fees

If you enrol as an international student, you will pay international tuition fees.

Students commencing in 2015

Tuition fees for international students commencing in 2015 depend on the courses you undertake, not the program in which you are enrolled. As a result, it is not possible to publish a fixed fee for a program.

However, to help you budget, indicative annual fees based on average first-year enrolment patterns are detailed on the academic page of your chosen program. By multiplying this fee by the number of years in your program, you can estimate the total cost.

We’ve also published a complete list of indicative annual fees:

Students commencing in 2016

Tuition fees for international students commencing in 2016 will be program-based. Program-based fees mean all courses within a program are charged at the same tuition fee rate for a given academic year.

We’ve published a complete list of 2016 indicative annual undergraduate program-based fees.

By multiplying this fee by the number of years in your program, you can estimate the total cost.

The indicative annual fees assume you enrol in full-time study load in 2016. Fees for less than a standard full-time study load are pro-rated.

UQ reviews fees annually, with new indexed fees applying to all students no matter when you commenced your studies. The indexation rate is usually fixed 18 months in advance of a particular academic year thereby allowing you to plan your finances ahead of time.

If you fail a course or withdraw from a course after the census date, you are still liable to pay the tuition fee for that course, regardless of whether you attended any classes or handed in any assessment items. If you correctly withdraw from the course by the census date, you will not be liable to pay the cost or incur the debt for that course. If you had already made payment of your tuition fee, you can apply for a refund from UQ. For detailed information, view UQ's International student refunds policy

Student Services and Amenities Fee (SSAF)

Most Australian universities charge a compulsory annual Student Services and Amenities fee (SSAF).

SSAF proceeds can be used to contribute to services such as sporting and recreation activities, employment and career advice, child care, financial advice, and food services.

The maximum fee for 2015 is $286. UQ charges the SSAF according to your mode of attendance (internal/external) and enrolment load (full-time/part-time). The fee is indexed annually.

Going to university can mean more costs like accommodation, books and study materials, transport and parking. To help you budget, check out our living costs guide to see what an average student can expect.