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For the purpose of this demo we will assume that a student is looking to apply for an undergraduate degree.

6. Scholarships and financial aid

If you’ve got the ability, we believe finance shouldn’t be a barrier for you coming to UQ and being successful. As an international student there are many ways to get help if you need it, as well as plenty of information and advice available to help you manage your finances.

UQ scholarships and bursaries

UQ offers a range of scholarships to help make study more affordable. Some of these are subject specific, designed to reward the most academic and talented students in a field of study. Others are country or region specific, supporting those students from a particular part of the world.

Scholarship application opening and closing dates vary. We recommend you search for available scholarships as early as possible to ensure you don't miss application deadlines.

Visit UQ's Scholarships Hub

International scholarships and financial aid

We participate in and can help you apply for a range of student loan programs offered by your home country to cover some of the educational expenses you will incur as a full-time student at UQ.

Learn more about available financial aid