You're a domestic student if you are:

  • a citizen of Australia or New Zealand,
  • an Australian permanent resident, or
  • a holder of an Australian permanent humanitarian visa.

In order to progress forward with a PhD at the AIBN as a domestic student, you will need to do the following:

1. Meet the entry requirements

To progress forward with a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) program at the AIBN, you will need to prove that you:

  • have completed some research experience (for example, you can provide evidence that you've planned and executed project work and/or a body of research with some independence)
  • have completed an approved university degree in your field of research no more than 10 years ago, and;
  • can meet the English language requirements.

You can find more on entry requirements here.

2. Find a supervisor

Identify a researcher with relevant expertise and contact them to get agreement to support your PhD and project. A full list of research Group Leaders who have capacity can be found above.

Only proceed once you have been accepted by a supervisor. Without this, you will not be able to move forward.

3. Gather your documents
A full list of the necessary documents can be found here.

4. Apply online
Once you have prepared your application, contacted a potential supervisor, and been accepted by that supervisor, use the online application form to apply. Your application can only be assessed once your referees have responded to us, and all outstanding documents and school/institute endorsements have been received.

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