Alexandra Depelsenaire may have started her studies in Germany, but is now enjoying the global impact, skills and network of contacts offered at AIBN. She is also loving the relaxed Australian way of life while working in a multicultural and multi-disciplinary environment. Here are Alexandra’s thoughts...

AIBN combines research and commercialisation and actively encourages researchers and students to publish as well as file for patents, if applicable. Vast numbers of interdisciplinary projects are available. There is also the ability to create your own project, in consultation with your supervisor, rather than being given a project.

At AIBN, the only restriction is yourself. AIBN supports and enables you to fully delve into your interests. The many senior researchers have valuable expertise, knowledge and contacts – and they are great mentors. They are keen to help and provide support with writing grants, giving workshops and teaching. AIBN is a state-of-the-art facility which enables students to access top-line equipment through the collaborations between research groups. 

Even though it is a large institute, students all know each other, giving the feeling of a large family. It is such a multicultural institute. The AIBN Student Association organises various events throughout the year for the wider AIBN community. The annual AIBN Symposium provides a broad spectrum of research areas that other research groups are working on. 

AIBN has a tight – yet manageable – program to complete your PhD by having three milestones to complete within a timely manner. You are encouraged to publish in high-impact journals and file for patents, if applicable. Students are able to participate in many valuable courses and workshops, covering grant writing, thesis writing, time management and soft skills.