Joe Codamo credits his time at AIBN with giving him the skills needed to take on a challenging role with as a a senior bioprocess engineer with international biopharmaceutical manufacturer DSM Biologics. There he designs large-scale biopharmaceutical production processes and co-ordinate process transfers from the Netherlands, while ensuring compliance with Good Manufacturing Practices. Dr Codamo took this chance to look back...

There were several reasons why I chose the AIBN. It was (and still is) the first institute of its kind in Australia, having a strong focus in biotechnology and commercialisation which suited my aspirations of moving into a biotechnology-related industry position after completing my PhD.  Having access to state-of-the-art laboratories and equipment located all in the one building is most impressive – and not a common feature of many other institutes or faculties in Australia.

AIBN offers all the key requirements and incentives for young researchers when commencing their studies. Excellent and efficient support staff to get your degree under way and to ensure it stays on track, the ability to work with well-trained and experienced researchers, access to state-of-the-art equipment and facilities and an excellent social network to ensure you have some fun along the way!

A critical benefit is the ability to work and collaborate with experienced researchers from diverse backgrounds, which contributed significantly towards me successfully completing my PhD and in my training as a research scientist. Since commencing my PhD, I have been a first or co-author on four articles published in biotechnology-themed journals. I was also extremely fortunate to have been able to attend five international conferences in Europe and the US. 

By completing a PhD at the AIBN, you are trained in an environment which prepares you for a career in industry or academia whether it be in Australia or overseas. I have had access to facilities which are state of the art and up there with first-class research institutes and industry labs around the world.