Attending conferences around Australia, meeting researchers from a host of disciples and having access to different labs were among the highlights of Dr Yunyi Wong’s time as a PhD student at AIBN. Dr Wong also fondly remembers her colleagues and the cinnamon toast from in-house Cafe Nano. The time at AIBN set her up for a successful career in academia, taking her to the highly-regarded Singapore Polytechnic. Now she takes time to look back...

I chose AIBN because the ARC Centre of Excellence for Functional Nanomaterials was part of the Institute. I undertook a research project during my undergraduate studies and was very much impressed by the quality of the researchers and research done at the centre.

AIBN offers lots of interaction with experienced researchers to discuss ideas, share techniques and easy access to equipment in all laboratories at AIBN – and also at other institutions such as Queensland Brain Institute and Institute for Molecular Bioscience. There is also support to attend conferences to network, share and discuss ideas.

While doing my PhD, I went to an international conference in Singapore, annual ARC Centre of Excellence for Functional Nanomaterials conferences within Australia and to various primary schools at Mount Isa as the Young Nanotechnology Ambassador. I also took frequent holidays within Australia during periods of leave.

AIBN had a lot of great social aspects: gatherings such as the Christmas lunch and morning teas at Cafe Nano. The cinnamon toast is unforgettable.

Time at AIBN had enabled me to work easily with people of different disciplines and different nationalities. The in-house seminars enabled me to have some understanding of different disciplines. I am able to work in multi-disciplinary projects. The bi-annual seminars by postgraduate students arranged by my centre also enabled me to practise my presentation skills.