AIBN Group Leader Living Allowance Scholarships provide PhD and MPhil students with a living allowance (also known as a stipend) at the rate of the Australian Postgraduate Award. These are competitive scholarships awarded to meritorious applicants.

Selection Criteria

Applications must satisfy two essential steps to progress:

  1. Have the financial support of their AIBN Group Leader; and
  2. be approved by the AIBN HDR Committee.

The AIBN HDR Committee assesses each application on merit according to the following criteria:

  • Strength of academic performance in undergraduate and/or postgraduate studies
  • Quality of undergraduate and/or postgraduate university
  • Research output including publications
  • Research training experience (e.g. Tutoring/Teaching)
  • Referee reports
  • Suitability of candidate to proposed research project

Scholarship benefits

Award of the AIBN Group Leader Living Allowance Scholarship includes the following:

  • A living allowance at the rate of the current Australian Postgraduate Award
  • AIBN IT Support Package to the value of $2,000
  • Eligibility for AIBN Top-up Scholarships for timely completion of milestones (4 x milestones valued at $1,800 each, totalling $7,200 through candidature)
  • Eligibility for AIBN Travel Allowance to fund domestic ($1,000) and international ($3,000) travel for academic conference attendance and research exchange

Scholarship Conditions

For international HDR students the award of the AIBN Group Leader Living Allowance Scholarship will be subject to the award of a UQ International Tuition Support Scholarship

For both domestic and international HDR students the AIBN Group Leader Living Allowance Scholarship is subject to the provisions of the UQ Research Scholarship policy

How to apply

Contact the AIBN HDR Administrator.