Advanced Biomanufacturing

Development of products using tailored cell design
Ambition to use synthetic biology to perform automated, single-pass design-build-deploy processes to generate new systems from well-characterised parts at a cellular level.

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AIBN's Five Pillars of Research are designed to enable AIBN to innovate solutions to solve society’s problems through sustainable materials, healthy living and translational success.

Industrial biotechnology

Advanced Biomanufacturing

Microbes and biochemical products are routinely used in a wide range of industrial manufacturing, and have the potential to replace many petrochemical-based industrial processes. AIBN is building on the latest advances in genetic engineering to revolutionise advanced biomanufacturing through advances in tailored cell design and synthetic biology. Our researchers are not only improving our understanding of the metabolic pathways in microbes, they are also using this information to redesign and tailor microrganisms for industrially-useful outcomes. These advancements are anticipated to reduce costs and improve efficiency of industrial manufacturing, as well as significantly reduce petrochemical-linked pollution.​

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