The Institute is proud of its ability to develop new solutions to the technological issues confronting industry, and has designed the Industrial Affiliates Program to benefit industry and AIBN.

While the extent of member benefits varies according to the level of membership, all members obtain access to exclusive networking events; invitations to seminars, symposia and conferences organised by AIBN; the opportunity to nominate suitably qualified peoples as Academic Adjuncts of The University of Queensland; and access to AIBN public disclosures. IAP members receive acknowledgement and recognition of their membership in AIBN’s Annual Report and on the membership board in the AIBN foyer.

Premier members are also acknowledged at selected AIBN functions and events. Premier members and members receive a customised IAP access package. It includes an initial consultation with relevant AIBN personnel, along with substantial discounts on fees charged for subsequent consulting advice from AIBN personnel and access fees for AIBN-managed facilities.

Structure of the Program

The Industrial Affiliates Program is designed to cater to small, medium and large companies.

The Program offers three levels of membership, starting at AUD$1500, these levels are designed to suit the individual needs and objectives of small, medium and large companies.