Metabolomics Australia - Queensland Node

AIBN hosts the Queensland Node of Metabolomics Australia, part of Bioplatforms Australia.

Integrated within the Systems and Synthetic Biology Group, the Queensland node provides specialised expertise in metabolic engineering directed to understanding and manipulating cellular behaviour at a system level. In addition to conventional metabolomics, AIBN’s facilities are especially set up for metabolic flux analysis, flux balancing and isotopomer modelling. 

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Metabolomics Australia serves the Australian biotechnology community with the development of fluxomics models that can be used to analyse and engineer mammalian, plant or microbial fermentation systems and employed to optimise product development.


  • GC-MS and QTOF based untargeted analysis
  • Access to Genome scale modelling (experimental & theoretical)
  • Metabolic flux analysis from exometabolome
  • 13C metabolic flux analysis
  • Central carbon metabolism
  • Spatiotemporal metabolic flux analysis in multicellular organisms

Current analytical instruments include

  • Agilent QTOF 6550 with Agilent UHPLC
  • AB Sciex QTRAP 4000 LC/MS/MS system with Dionex HPLC and Agilent CE front-ends
  • Agilent GC/MS (2) with Gerstel MultiPurpose Sampler
  • Agilent HPLC (3) with DAD, ELSD, RI, and Fluorescence detectors
  • Dionex HPAE-PAD system for sugar analysis

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