Which expression system should I use?

Choosing which system to use is based on the following points:

  1. A review of the current literature (it may already have been produced).

  2. The characteristics of the protein.

  3. The budget for expression.

What would I need to provide to PEF to get started?

This is dependent on the project you have with PEF. Any starting material from a user can be shipped to PEF (e.g. DNA, protein or clones).

What purity will I get?

The yield and purity of the final product is entirely protein dependent.

Can you help me design my experiment?

Yes, PEF can design an experiment for any stage of protein production.

Do you release your production methods?

Yes, methods are available on request from PEF.

Can you do GMP production?

No, PEF does not have GMP-certified facilities.

Why should I get PEF to do this work for me?

Producing large quantities of pure protein requires specialised staff and equipment. PEF provides a cost-effective solution for research groups that require recombinant protein but don’t have or want the outlay to setup protein production in their own lab.

Can you do a bioreactor run for me?

Yes, PEF can perform bioreactor expression runs for microbial systems from 5 - 10 L in a stirred tank bioreactor or up to 20 L for insect or mammalian cells in a WAVE bioreactor

What is the turnaround time?

The time needed will depend on the amount of work and complexity of the project. PEF can provide an estimate on the completion date with any quote provided.

How much does it cost?

The cost involved is different for each project. Contact PEF to enquire about the costs involved in any project.

What information will I receive at the end of the project?

A detailed report is provided on completion of your project. To see example reports, please download the pdf here: (i) Bacterial Production (ii) Insect cell/baculovirus production

What stage is my project up to?

Users can contact PEF at any stage to enquire about the progress of their project.

When will I be sent the invoice?

In most cases, the invoice will be sent once the work outlined in the quote has been performed.

My lab is overseas; can I still use your facilities?

Yes, PEF can collaborate with overseas institutions.

Can my protein be shipped to me?

Yes, PEF can organize delivery of material to the user by courier.

Do I need to sign any legal documents?

A PEF service agreement will need to be signed prior to the commencement of work.