The PEF production pipeline provides a quick snapshot of the services we offer to help fast-track your research.  From the Gene-to-Protein complete package to any stage in-between, we can customise to suit your project.Contact us to discuss how we can help support your research. Download the complete list as a pdf here.

2. Molecular Cloning

 Molecular Cloning
 Gene synthesis

Generate the DNA sequence of a gene of interest. Codon optimisation (optional) for the host expression system.

 Expression construct

Clone the gene of interest into chosen expression vector. DNA sequence verification of cloned construct.


Single or multiple nucleotide base change e.g. amino acid substitution, insert/delete restriction enzyme site, stop codon and small tag. DNA sequence verification of cloned construct.

 Plasmid production

Production and purification of plasmid DNA from mini- to mega-prep scale.