The PEF production pipeline provides a quick snapshot of the services we offer to help fast-track your research.  From the Gene-to-Protein complete package to any stage in-between, we can customise to suit your project.Contact us to discuss how we can help support your research. Download the complete list as a pdf here.

6. Protein Characterisation and Analysis

 Protein Characterisation and Analysis

Endotoxin measurement

Endotoxin level determination by FDA-licensed LAL cartridges (for samples prior to animal studies)

Mass spectrometry - intact protein analysis

Accurately determine native protein molecular weight of purified sample

Mass spectrometry - peptide mass fingerprint

Identification of purified protein or excised band from polyacrylamide gel

Analytical size exclusion chromatography

Estimate native protein molecular weight, determine multimeric structure and degree of aggregation

Dynamic light scattering

Determine size distribution profile of proteins and protein complexes. Suitable for high throughput detection of protein aggregation, thermal stability and storage conditions

Asymmetric flow-field flow-fractionation

Accurately determine size distribution profile of virus-like particles and protein complexes

Transmission electron microscopy

Imaging and morphological characterisation of virus-like particles and protein complexes