PEF utilises the capabilities of the ÄKTA Explorer and ÄKTAxpress chromatography systems for routine purification of recombinant proteins. Services available from PEF include:

  • Development of an effective protein purification and characterisation strategy
  • Access to a suite of automated chromatography systems, including:
    • ÄKTAprimeTM
    • ÄKTApurifierTM
    • ÄKTAexplorerTM
    • ÄKTAxpressTM
    • ÄKTApilotTM
    • Agilent 1200 Series HPLC
  • A range of chromatography columns for the following purification techniques:
    • Affinity Chromatography
    • Ion Exchange Chromatography
    • Size Exclusion Chromatography
    • Hydrophobic Interaction Chromatography
    • Reversed Phase Chromatography
  • An array of fusion tags available in each system:
    • Polyhistidine (6xHis, 10xHis, 12xHis)
    • Maltose Binding Protein (MBP)
    • Glutathione S-transferase (GST)
    • Thioredoxin (Trx)
    • Small Ubiquitin-like Modifier (SUMO)
    • Fluorescent proteins (Green, Cyan, Blue, Cherry, Citrine)
  • A variety of proteases for fusion tag removal:
    • Human Rhinovirus (HRV 3C)
    • Tobacco Etch Virus (TEVp)
    • SUMOp
    • Thrombin

For protein purification services, please contact us for a quote. To view our list of available proteases and enzymes, please visit our resource centre.


PEF offers training for staff and students in all aspects of recombinant protein production. If you would like to enquire about training in any of the purification services offered by PEF, please contact us.

For an overview on the services provided by PEF, please visit the PEF Production Pipeline.