Tim is an experienced postdoctoral researcher with extensive experience in the application of molecular techniques in the biomedical field. He is skilled in molecular biology, protein chemistry, cell biology, and mammalian cell culture. In addition, Tim has experience in drug development, high-throughput screening systems, automated electrophysiology, confocal microscopy, animal husbandry, and basic bioinformatics. His experience in these fields has enabled him to provide students and colleagues with advice and training over a 16-year period. During this time, he has published 20+ articles in reputable journals (h-index, 16). Tim is now a senior research assistant working for vicebio on vaccine development.

Tim has a B.Sc. (hons) in Molecular Biology, an M. Sc. in Modelling of Molecular and Biological Processes, and a Ph.D. in Protein Chemistry. More recently, he completed a Grad Cert in Data Engineering at ANU. He also has an M. Ed. and extensive experience of demonstrating techniques in a learning environment.


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High throughput techniques for discovering new glycine receptor modulators and their binding sites

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Protease digestion studies of an equilibrium intermediate in the unfolding of creatine kinase


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