Yuan Su specialises in Experimental and computational studies on gas hydrates.

Yuan Su is doing both experimental work and molecular dynamics simulation on phase equilibrium of gas hydrates. In experimental work, different additives added into hydrate systems to promote or inhibit hydrate formation; in simulation work, using both molecular dynamics simulation and free energy calculation to measure the melting points of water, gas hydrate, and organic salt systems.

Yuan Su graduated from Shenyang Normal University, China, in July of 2009. In the period of four years’ schooling of her Bachelor Degree, she studied various courses, including biochemistry, physiology, and many other courses related to biology, and she gained laboratory experience over the four years of her bachelor degree. Yuan gained a Master Degree from the University of Queensland in July of 2012. During the two years of her Masters, she was accurately and detailedly trained and obtained the skills of primer design, PCR, gel electrophoresis, cloning. She can use various programs, such as Geneious, Sequencher, and other programs to do the early and later data analysis, which are the paramount strategies for gene analysis and research. During her PhD, she obtained experimental experience​ and molecular dynamics simulation strategies on gas hydrate formation and dissociation. She can also use simulation softwares such as Materials Studio, Lammps to do molecular dynamics simulations and calculate free energy of hydrates.

Yuan Su is currently doing her PhD under the supervision of Professor Debra Bernhardt and Dr Liguang Wang on Experimental and Computational Studies of Gas Hydrate Formation and Dissociation.

Key Publications

​Su, Yuan, Bernardi, Stefano, Searles, Debra J. and Wang, Liguang (2016) Effect of carbon chain length of organic salts on the thermodynamic stability of methane hydrate.Journal of Chemical and Engineering Data, 61 5: 1952-1960. doi:10.1021/acs.jced.6b00185

Su, Yuan, Searles, Debra J. and Wang, Liguang (2017) Semiclathrate hydrates of methane + tetraalkylammonium hydroxides. Fuel, 203 618-626. doi:10.1016/j.fuel.2017.05.005

Su, Yuan, Bernardi, Stefano, Searles, Debra J. and Wang, Liguang (2016). Phase Equilibria and Gas Storage Capacity of Clathrate Hydrates of Methane + Quaternary Ammonium Salts. In: Chemeca 2016: Chemical Engineering - Regeneration, Recovery and Reinvention. Chemeca Conference, Adelaide, Australia, (3407381.1-3407381.8). 25-28 September 2016.

Shao, Renfu, Barker, Stephen C., Li, Hu, Song, Simon, Poudel, Shreekanta and Su, Yuan (2015) Fragmented mitochondrial genomes in two suborders of parasitic lice of eutherian mammals (Anoplura and Rhynchophthirina, Insecta). Scientific Reports, 5 17389.1-17389.11. doi:10.1038/srep17389


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