Shiyu Yan specialises in Developing layered double hydroxides into multi-functional vehicles for efficient anti-tumour vaccination.

​Vaccination is one of most promising anti-tumour treatments in clinics. However, the majority of vaccine antigens currently under investigation are poorly immunogenic, and complicatedantigen processing pathwaysand negative regulatory mechanisms in the immune system limit the efficacy of vaccines. Thus adjuvants (helpers) are required for effective vaccine development. My project aims to develop novel LDH-adjuvanted vaccines to enhance specific anti-tumour immune responses. During the past few years,we have developed and investigated LDH-adjuvanted protein orpeptide vaccines,and the results indicated LDH nanomaterials can be used as an immune adjuvant to promote immune responses suitable for vaccination purposes.​

Key Publications

​Yan, Shiyu, Wenyi Gu, and Zhi Ping Xu. "Re-considering how particle size and other properties of antigen–adjuvant complexes impact on the immune responses." Journal of colloid and interface science 395 (2013): 1-10. 

Yan, Shiyu, Barbara E. Rolfe, Bing Zhang, Yousuf H. Mohammed, Wenyi Gu, and Zhi P. Xu. "Polarized immune responses modulated by layered double hydroxides nanoparticle conjugated with CpG." Biomaterials 35, no. 35 (2014): 9508-9516.

Li, Li, Wenyi Gu, Jian Liu,Shiyu Yan, and Zhi Ping Xu. "Amine-functionalized SiO2 nanodot-coated layered double hydroxide nanocomposites for enhanced gene delivery." Nano Research 8, no. 2 (2015): 682-694.