Dr Yun Huang specialises in photoresponsive block copolymer, Colloidal Particles, Colloidal Crystals, Liquid Crystals, Surface Interaction, Living Radical Polymerization.

Dr Yun Huang's research is focused on the synthesis and characterisation of functional polymers using living/controlled radical polymerisation (LRP). He has developed well-defined hybrid nanoparticles with a silica core and a polymer brush shell. These nanoparticles are highly dispersible in solvents and can form colloidal crystals, liquid crystals and highly oriented nanostructures in thin films. More recently his work has focused on lubricant application of these hybrid nanoparticles and synthesis of a range of novel block copolymers with light-controlled functionality for use as photoreactive materials. 

Key Publications

Y Huang, A Takata, Y Tsujii, K Ohno; Semisoft Colloidal Crystals in Ionic Liquids, Langmuir 2017, 33, 7130−7136

Y Huang, T Sasano, Y Tsujii, K Ohno Well-Defined Polymer-Brush-Coated Rod-Shaped Particles: Synthesis and Formation of Liquid Crystals Macromolecules 2016, 49 (22), 8430-8439

Y Huang, R Ishige, Y Tsujii, K Ohno Synthesis of Iron Oxide Rods Coated with Polymer Brushes and Control of Their Assembly in Thin Films Langmuir 2015, 31 (3), 1172-1179

Y Huang, T Morinaga, Y Tai, Y Tsujii, K Ohno Immobilization of semisoft colloidal crystals formed by polymer-brush-afforded hybrid particles Langmuir 2014, 30 (25), 7304-7312

K Ohno, Y Ma, Y Huang, C Mori, Y Yahata, Y Tsujii, T Maschmeyer, J Moraes, S Perrier  Surface-initiated reversible addition–fragmentation chain transfer (RAFT) polymerization from fine particles functionalized with trithiocarbonates Macromolecules 2011, 44 (22), 8944-8953