Bone Tissue Regeneration

Mohammad's research has  focused develop and validate a novel methodology that  utilise electrospun fibrespinning  to produce multilayered, nanocomposite  composed  of  biodegredable polymers and nano hydroxyapatite. This project will thus develop a novel tissue engineered bone from the bottom-up, and, in doing so, create functional bone tissue that has properties similar to early bone in humans.

Mohammad is a second year PhD student at the AIBN. He obtained my B.E. (2010) in Polymer Engineering. Whilst completing his undergraduate degree with marks which placed him in the top 5%, he started his research career with a project on dental composite materials formulation and processing.  While doing his masters, he obtained grades whichplaced him as the top students for the course. He conducted a variety of research projects, performing experiments focused on the fabrication of biopolymer (Cellulose/ Cyclodextrins) fibers (electrospinning), films, scaffolds and hydrogels using environmental-friendly synthesis and processing methods for biomedical applications. Cumulatively, these projects resulted in one patent on a green method of bio-cellulose gel preparation using green solvents, 3 book chapters, 19 papers. Mohammad was awarded International Postgraduate Research Scholarship (IPRS) and UQ Centennial Scholarship (UQCent). He was also awarded the best UTM student and a bronze medal for my invention of a novel antimicrobial silver nanoparticle/halloysite nanotube composite system for medical application.

Mohammad is currently a PhD student at Tissue Engineering and Microfluidic Laboratory under supervision of Professor Justin Cooper-White. 

Key Publications

  1. Mohammad Soheilmoghaddam, Mohammad Soheilmoghaddam 1, Hossein Adelnia 2, Ghorbanali Sharifzadeh, Mat Uzir Wahit*, Tuck Whye Wong, Abdirahman Ali Yussuf. Bionanocomposite regenerated cellulose/single-wall carbon nanotube films prepared via ionic liquid solvent: Journal: Cellulose (IF: 3.195)
  2. Mohammad Soheilmoghaddam, Hossein Adelnia,  Hossein Cheraghi Bidsorkhi, Ghorbanali Sharifzadeh, Mat Uzir Wahit *Abdirahman Ali Yussuf. Development of ethylene-vinyl acetate nanocomposites reinforced with exfoliated graphite nano-plates. Journal: Macromolecular Materials and Engineering, 26 October 2016. (IF: 2.83)  
  3. Mohammad Soheilmoghaddam, Mat Uzir Wahit*, Wong Tuck Whye, Noel Ibrahim Akos , Raheleh Heidar Poura , Abdirahman Ali Yussuf . Bionanocomposites of regenerated cellulose/zeolite prepared using environmentally benign ionic liquid solvent. Carbohydrate polymers. 106, (2014), 326-334. (IF: 4.07)  
  4. Mohammad Soheilmoghaddam, Pooria Pasbakhsh , Mat Uzir Wahit*, Hossein Cheraghi Bidsorkhi, Raheleh Heidar Pour, Wong Tuck Whye ,  R.T. De Silva. Regenerated cellulose nanocomposites reinforced with exfoliated graphite nanosheets using BMIMCL ionic liquid. Polymer. 55 (2014), 3130-3138. (IF:  3.56),  
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