Samuel J Richardson focuses on solution state cobalt chemistry and its application as a polymerisation catalyst.

​Samuel's PhD project has been focused in improving a specialised polymerisation methodoloy for generating low molecular weight polymers. Catalytic chain transfer polymerisation (CCTP) utilises cobalt(II) bisglyoximato complexes to catalytically terminate propagating polymer chains by abstracting a hydride alpha to the propagating radical. This hydride can then initiate an unreacted monomer unit to start a new propagating polymer chain. This project can be broken into three major sections: Developing an industrially applicable spectroscopic system for monitoring the progress of CCTP; Development and understanding of in situ forming cobalt catalysts to enhance the efficiency of CCTP; and Post-functionalisation of polymers generated using CCTP to open up new applications, such as surfactants and dispersants. 

Samuel is currently undertaking his PhD under the supervision of Professor Andrew Whittaker. 

Key Publications

​Richardson, S. J.; Blakey, I.; Thurecht, K. J.; Irvine, D. J.; Whittaker, A. K. (2016) Spectral normalisation by error minimisation for prediction of conversion in solvent-free catalytic chain transfer polymerisations. RSC Advances, 6, 73, 69484-69491. do:10.1039/C6RA06462K