Mu Xiao works on the design of nanostructured semiconductor systems for photocatalytic hydrogen generation

Photocatalytic water splitting, which makes solar energy storable and portable,  is a promising approach to solve the worldwide energy and environment issues. Over the past decades, much research effort has been devoted to this area and great progress has been achieved. However, the solar-to-hydrogen conversion efficiency is still much lower than the industrial requirement. Thus, how to better design efficient, stable, and low-cost photocatalyst is of great interest and importance. Nanomaterials show advantages for photocatalytic reaction due to the large surface area, short charge transfer distance, and special physicochemical properties. 

Key Publications

Single-crystalline nanomesh tantalum nitride photocatalyst with improved hydrogen-evolving performance​, Manuscript number:aenm201701605, Accepted by the journal named Advanced Energy Materials​