Researcher biography

Associate Professor Linda Lua, Director of Protein Expression Facility, provides leadership for this University's research enabling facility since its establishment in 2004. A/Prof. Lua has established a national and international reputation in the area of recombinant protein technology. Under her direction, the internationally recognised Protein Expression Facility offers comprehensive services and capacities to produce high-quality recombinant proteins to support both discovery and translational research. In recognition for its long-standing commitment and outstanding contributions to the University, the Protein Expression Facility was awarded the Chancellor's Award for Team Excellence (2013).

A/Prof. Lua has an extensive knowledge and experience on challenges associated with the production of recombinant proteins. She established a rapid and flexible protein production pipeline in the Facility to streamline molecular cloning, protein expression and protein purification, using E. coli, yeast, baculovirus-insect cell and mammalian cell expression systems. Together with her team, she has worked on hundreds of proteins for diverse applications in the areas of structural biology and chemistry, drug screening and discovery, vaccine development and delivery, protein therapeutics, functionalised material, biomedical imaging and agricultural science. She has also developed training program within the Facility to skill research students and staff in protein expression and purification.