Materials engineering, surface science, biomaterials

Katarzyna's PhD research focuses on understanding the structure-property relationships of the Spinifex nanofiber materials and the development of "green" processes for improvement of the mechanical properties of lignocellulose nanopaper.

​Katarzyna obtained her Bachelor's degree in Chemical and Process Engineering in Poland (2013). During her studies she was awarded the Erasmus Programme scholarship and spend a year on an exchange at the Technical University of Denmark. Later she obtained her Master of Science in Chemical and Biochemical Engineering in Denmark (2016). During her masters studies Katarzyna has also been an exchange student at UQ. She has then carried out research at the School of Chemistry and Molecular Biosciences at UQ as part of her final Master Thesis. 
Katarzyna is a UQ Women in Engineering Student Leader helping to inspire and encourage females to study engineering. 

Industry Engagement

Prior to joining UQ AIBN Katarzyna worked in the industry gaining experience at the major medical device company in Denmark. She worked on the development of pressure sensitive adhesives, specialising in contact angle measurements and standard peel tests of adhesives. 

Key Publications

  1. "In vitro mineralization of dual grafted PTFE membranes for craniofacial application" Kępa, K.; Hill, D. J. T.; Grøndahl, L, Biointerphases in press.
  2. "In vitro mineralization of functional polymers" Kepa, K. ; Coleman, R. ; Grøndahl, L. Biosurface and Biotribology, September 2015, Vol.1(3), pp.214-227
  3. "Preparation and characterization of BiSrCaCuO(2212) thin films on MgO single crystal substrates by chemical solution deposition" Grivel, J.-C.; Kepa, K.; Hlasek, T.; Andersen, N.H.; Rubesova, K. Physica C: Superconductivity and its applications, March 2013, Vol. 486, pp.32-36.