Protein purification and characterisation

  • Recombinant protein expression using different bacterial strains
  • Optimisation of expression conditions
  • Operation of AKTA chromatography using SEC, IEX, HIC and affinity columns
  • Differential protein precipitation, phase separation, endotoxin removal and buffer optimisation
  • Protein structure analysis using CD, HPLC-SEC; protein size analysis using DLS, dynamic light scattering and protein concentration analysis using SDS-PAGE and BCA assay
  • Virus-like particle production and characterisation using various expression systems
  • Virus-like particle purification using ultracentrifugation, precipitation and chromatography
  • Virus-like particle characterisation using asymmetrical field-flow fractionation and TEM

​Ms Yuanyuan FAN is protein purification specilist in Protein Expression Facility. 

She completed a Masters in Biochemistry and Molecular Biotechnology at Shanghai Jiao Tong University in China. She had been working in Centre for Bimolecular Engineering for 10 years on self-assembly study of Virus-like Particles.

Outstanding Perfomance 2011: Won performance bonus payment of $5000 for excellent work.

Patent: International Patent No. PCT/AU2010/000855 - A Method for Preparation of a Biological Particulate Structure.