Dr Han Hu specialises in design and synthesis of nanomaterials for advanced energy storage

My researches include the novel design and controlled synthesis of nanostructured materials for energy-related applications. In particular, special attention has been focused on utilizing rationally designed carbon and transition metal oxide nanostructures to improve the performance of supercapacitors, lithium-ion batteries, lithium-sulfur batteries, and electrocatalysts for oxygen reduction reaction and oxygen evolution reaction. 

Dr Han Hu received his PhD degree from Dalian University of Technology, China, under the supervision of Prof Zongbin Zhao & Prof Jieshan Qiu. During his PhD study, his main attenion was focused on the design, synthesis, and modification of graphene-based hybrid structure and one of related work about ultraight and highly compressible graphene aerogels has been awarded as the 100 most influential international resesearch papers in China in 2013. Afte awarding PhD degree, Dr Hu moved to Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, working in Prof Xiong Wen Lou's group for 2 years. Duirng this stay, he has published 5 high-ranked papers including J. Am. Chem. Soc, Angew, Chem. Int. Ed, Energy Environ. Sci., and Chem and three of them have been named as ESI highly cited papers and two as ESI hot papers. Before joining AIBN, he had a short stay in Leibniz Institute for Solid State and Materials Research Dresden, Germany. Now, he is working in Prof Lianzhou Wang's group as a research fellow to develop novel and high performance energy storge materials and devices.

Key Publications

​1. H. Hu, J. T. Zhang, B. Y. Guan, X. W. Lou, Unusual Formation of CoSe@carbon Nanoboxes with Inhomogeneous Shell for Efficient Lithium Storage, Angew. Chem. Int. Ed., 2016, 55, 9514.

2. H. Hu, L. Han, M. Yu, Z. Wang, X. W. Lou, Metal-organic-framework-engaged formation of Co nanoparticleembedded carbon@Co9S8 double-shelled nanocages for efficient oxygen reduction, Energy Environ. Sci., 2016, 9, 107.(ESI Hot Paper & Highly Cited Paper)

3.  H. Hu, B. Y. Guan, B. Y. Xia, X. W. Lou, Designed Formation of Co3O4/NiCo2O4 Double-Shelled Nanocages with Enhanced Pseudocapacitive and Electrocatalytic Properties, J. Am. Chem. Soc., 2015, 137, 5590. (ESI Hot Paper & Highly cited paper)

4. H. Hu, L. Yu, X. H. Gao, Z. Lin, X. W. Lou, Hierarchical tubular structures constructed from ultrathin TiO2(B) nanosheets for highly reversible lithium storage, Energy Environ. Sci., 2015, 8, 1480. (ESI Highly cited paper)

5. H. Hu, Z. Zhao, W. Wan, Y. Gogotsi, J. Qiu, Ultralight and Highly Compressible Graphene Aerogels, Adv. Mater., 2013, 25, 2219. (ESI Highly cited paper, highlighted in Nature: http://www.nature.com/nature/journal/v494/n7438/full/494404a.html)


​DE170100892   Designing compressible hybrid supercapacitors from graphene aerogels (2017-2010) ARC DECRA

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