Dr. Yang Bai specializes in new-generation thin film photovoltaic devices for solar energy conversion.

​Dr. Yang Bai's research focuses on the development of high performance, low-cost and robust thin film photovoltaic devices including perovskite solar cells and quantum dot solar cells. More specifically, Dr. Bai's research interests involves in: 1) interface and device engineering for improving the efficiency and long-term stability of perovskite solar cells simultaneously, 2) perovskite-based integrated devices for solar energy storage, 3) flexible and scalable photovoltaic devices, 4) surface passivation in quantum dot solar cells, 5) all-inorganic thin film solar cells and fundamental study of their optoelectronic properties.

Yang Bai received his Ph.D. degree in Chemical Engineering under the supervision of Professor Lianzhou Wang at the University of Queensland (UQ), Australia in 2014. In early 2015, he joined Prof. Jinsong Huang's group at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln in the United States as a postdoctoral research associate. In 2017, Dr. Bai was awarded a prestigious UQ Development Fellowship and is currently working with Professor Lianzhou Wang's group in Nanomaterials Centre, AIBN, UQ.


​Dr. Bai has established a number of key collaborations with national and international experts in the field of nanomaterials and clean energy including Prof. Rose Amal at UNSW (AU), Prof. Jinsong Huang at UNL (USA) and Prof. Zhen Li at Soochow University (China).

Key Publications

Y. Bai, Q, Dong, Y. Shao, Y. Deng, Q, Wang, L. Shen, D. Wang, W. Wei, J. Huang*, Enhancing stability and efficiency of perovskite solar cells with crosslinkable silane-functionalized and doped fullereneNature Communication, 2016, 7: 12806

X. Zheng, B. Chen, J. Dai, Y. Fang, Y. Bai, Y. Lin, H. Wei, X.C. Zeng, J. Huang*, Defect passivation in hybrid perovskite solar cells using quaternary ammonium halide anions and cationsNature Energy, 2017, 2 (2017): nenergy2017102

B. Chen#,Y. Bai#, Z. Yu#, T. Li, X. Zheng, Q. Dong, L. Shen, M. Boccard, A. Gruverman, Z. Holman, J. Huang*, Efficient Semitransparent Perovskite Solar Cells for 23.0%‐Efficiency Perovskite/Silicon Four‐Terminal Tandem CellsAdvanced Energy Materials, 2016, 6 (19) 

Y. Bai, C. Han, X. Chen, H. Yu, X. Zong, Z. Li*, L. Wang*, Boosting the efficiency of quantum dot sensitized solar cells up to 7.11% through simultaneous engineering of photocathode and photoanodeNano Energy, 2015, 13, 609-619. 

Y. Bai, H. Yu, Z. Li, R. Amal, G. (Max) Lu, L. Wang*, In Situ Growth of a ZnO Nanowire Network within a TiO2 Nanoparticle Film for Enhanced Dye‐Sensitized Solar Cell PerformanceAdvanced Materials, 2012, 24 (43), 5850-5856. (Frontispiece)


​UQ Development Fellowship (2017-2020)