Nanolithography, Photoresponsive Polymeric Materials

​Solving the issue of line edge/width roughness (LER/LWR) in semiconductor manufacturing isbecoming increasingly urgent as the feature size continues to decrease below 22 nm node. In this project the new methods for “repairing” line edge roughness has been developed. The technology to be exploited is deposition of a carefully designed multifunctional water-soluble polymer to the lithographic features. This water-soluble polymer not only could self assemble into sub-10 nm particles in water but also has excellent etch resistance. In another project, a facile strategy for spatially control of nanodomain orientation of block copolymers through utilizing a single-component photoactive polymer layer has been developed. 

PhD Candidate (2014-Present)

​Major: Polymer Material and Science

Australian Institute for Bioengineering and Nanotechnology, The University of Queensland.

Supervisors: Prof. Andrew K. Whittaker and Associate Prof. Idriss Blakey

Research Interests: Nanolithography, Self-assembly of block copolymers

Honors and Awards

Freshman Scholarship for Master students, 2011, Fudan University
Excellent poster prize in the 17th International Symposium on Advanced Display Materials and Devices, in Shanghai, China, Jun. 27-28, 2013.
Best poster prize winner in the 7th International Liquid Crystal Elastomer Conference, in Shanghai, China, Sep.10-12, 2013.
Best poster prize winner in the National Polymer Meeting, in Shanghai, China, Oct.12-16, 2013.
Outstanding Students of Fudan University, 2013
Outstanding Graduates in Shanghai, 2014.
Best Master Thesis In Shanghai, 2014.
International Postgraduate Research Scholarship for PhD students, 2014.


​Dow Chemical Company

Key Publications

​Zhen Jiang, Idriss Blakey and Andrew K. Whittaker, "Aqueous Solution Behavior of Water-Soluble Amphiphilic Copolymers with Elevated Hydrophobic Unit Content", Poly. Chem. Accpeted.

Zhen Jiang, Ming Xu, Fuyou Li, and Yanlei Yu, "Red-light Controllable Liquid-Crystal Soft Actuators via Low-power Excited Upconversion Based on Triplet-Triplet Annihilation" J. Am. Chem. Soc.. 2013,135, 16446−16453.

Zhen Jiang, Jiu-an Lv, Futao Chen, Jia Wei, and Yanlei Yu, "Photoinduced bending behavior of crosslinked liquid-crystalline polymers with high crosslinking densities" Aust. J. Chem. CSIRO Publications.

 Wei Wu , Zhen Jiang ,Ruoyuan Yin , Liming Yao , Fuyou Li, Yanlei Yu, "NIR-Light-Driven Soft Actuation Materials Based on Crosslinked Liquid-Crystalline Polymers" Mol .Cryst .Liq. Cryst., Vol. 563:pp.101–111,2012.