Steve focuses on infrastructure automation and associated HPC pipeline technologies to aid the Stemformatics project group.

Stemformatics is a stem cell gene expression visualisation platform, providing well curated and quality controlled data for hundreds of exemplar human and mouse studies. Stemformatics bridges the gap between biologists and bioinformaticians, allowing the researcher to easily query and visualise their data and that of other experiments, all within the same web platform. The site is used extensively by national and international researchers and is a flagship project of Stem Cells Australia, under the direction of Prof. Christine Wells (formerly of AIBN) who now heads the newly opened Centre for Stem Cell Systems at the University of Melbourne.  

Steve is a Linux Engineer working, for project. He has an Associate Diploma Engineering Computer Systems, and 20 years experience within the health industry developing and maintaining application interfaces, core applications, web based and back end systems, and  held positions such as application specialist, IT department manager, technical support specialist, and lead back-end engineer.


​Stemformatics development is primarily funded by an ARC Special Initiative in Stem Cell Science grant. The YuGene project was funded under an ARC Discovery grants.