Adahir Labrador Garrido research focuses on the crosstalk between the immune system and the central nervous system.

Preliminary evidence shows that microglia influences the hippocampal neurogenesis; however, the mechanism and the genes implicated in this process remain to be elucidated. The aim of the project is to better understand the role of microglia in the production of adult-born neurons and to identify exact mechanisms implicated in this process. We are also interested in understanding how microglia modulate the production of adult-born neurons and in turn impact on the process of learning and memory under two main paradigms - exercise and ageing

Adahir's PhD research was focused on the interplay between the immune system and the Parkinson’s related protein alpha-Synuclein. The key findings of his job have been published in international journals resulting in 7 original manuscripts 4 of them as a first author. His findings have generated one patent and have been presented as posters in 7 international congresses. During his career, he has been able to collaborate with groups of top rated institutions as Harvard University (USA) and Cambridge University (UK), where he spent 3 months, thanks to a short-term fellowship granted by the European Molecular Biology Organization.

Key Publications

#Labrador-Garrido A, #Villadiego J, Franco JM, Magdalena Leal-Lasarte, Erwin J. De Genst, Christopher M. Dobson, David Pozo4, Juan J. Toledo-Aral, Cintia Roodveldt (2017) Immunization with α-synuclein/Grp94 reshapes peripheral immunity and suppresses microgliosis in a chronic parkinsonism model. Glia (accepted on August 2nd 2017, pending on publication). #Equally contributing first authors.

Labrador-Garrido A, Cejudo-Guillén M, Daturpalli S, Leal MM, Klippstein R, De Genst EJ, Villadiego J, Toledo-Aral JJ, Dobson CM, Jackson SE, Pozo D, Roodveldt C (2016) Chaperome screening leads to identification of Grp94/Gp96 and FKBP4/52 as modulators of the α-synuclein-elicited immune response. FASEB J. Feb;30(2):564-77.

Labrador-Garrido A, Cejudo-Guillén M, Klippstein R, De Genst EJ, Tomas-Gallardo L, Leal MM, Villadiego J, Toledo-Aral JJ, Dobson CM, Pozo D, Roodveldt C (2014) Chaperoned amyloid proteins for immune manipulation: α-Synuclein/Hsp70 shifts immunity toward a modulatory phenotype”. Immun Inflamm Dis. Dec;2(4):226-38.

#Roodveldt C, #Labrador-Garrido A, Gonzalez-Rey E, Lachaud CC, Guilliams T, Fernandez-Montesinos R, Benitez-Rondan A, Delgado M, Dobson CM & Pozo D (2013) α-Synuclein preconditioning of microglia strongly affects the response induced by Toll-like receptor (TLR)stimulation .PLoS One 8(11):e79160. #Equally contributing first authors.

Roodveldt C, Labrador-Garrido A, Gonzalez-Rey E, Fernandez-Montesinos R, Caro M, Lachaud CC, Waudby C, Delgado M, Dobson CM & Pozo D (2010) Glial Innate Immunity Generated by Monomeric Alpha-Synuclein: Differences between Wild-type and Parkinson’s Disease-Linked Mutants. PLoSOne 5(10):e13481

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