Dr Mikhail Gavrilov specialises in polymer synthesis and characterization

Dr Gavrilov's research involved various areas of polymer science. In particular, Mikhail was working on the improvement of polymer characterization by log-normal distribution model using Gaussian function. This method was applied in characterization of various homo- and heteropolymer blends. Apart from expanding polymer characterization methodologies Mikhail Gavrilov was working on the synthesis of novel polymer architectures. In addition, Dr Gavrilov investigated the mechanism of aqueous copped-mediated 'living' radical polymerization of N-Isopropylacrylamide. This project was further extended for the synthesis of thermoresponsive polymers with near 100% chain-end functionality. Mikhail's current research focuses on optimization of properties of polyisocyanate based extracellular matrices, studying polymer-cell interaction and design of wound healing materials.

Dr Gavrilov is a specialist in Chemistry (B.S. + M.S. degree) received in Novosibirsk State University, Russia (2012). He did his PhD at Michael Monteiro's group and received the degree in 2017. Mikhail Gavrilov joined Alan Rowan's group as a Postdoctoral Research Fellow in 2017. Mikhail held Novosibirsk State University scholarship (2007-2012) and University of Queensland International scholarship (2013-2017).

Key Publications

Gavrilov, M., Z. Jia, V. Percec and M. J. Monteiro (2016). Polymer Chemistry 7(29): 4802-4809

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Multi-component synthetic extracellular matrices