Development and scaling up of biomaterials

Reinforcement of nanocomposites with spinifex cellulose nanofibres, process optimisation and production scale-up.

Benoit previously worked as a project engineer in the underground mining sector where he was based in remote locations across Australia and proved to be highly flexible, adaptable and resilient.  He developed strong organisational skills, both in terms of time management and task prioritisation, working on various projects simultaneously and having to meet strict deadlines. He was given, among other tasks, the responsibilities to compile and submit multi-million dollar monthly progress claims as well as to implement and ensure compliance with safe work standards. More recently, in his role as a research engineer at the University of Queensland, he evolves in a culturally diverse environment where he applies his technical expertise in materials science to develop ingenious solutions for industry partners. In 2014, he embarked on a solo eight-months bicycle journey from Singapore to France, turning a long-held dream into reality. Along the way, he met people from all walks of life, discovered unique places and faced challenging situations. However, above all things, this adventure allowed him to discover himself as a curious, generous and committed individual with a strong can-do attitude.