Daniel focuses on Molecular dynamics studies: nanomaterials as desalination membranes

Daniel's principal research interest lies in the field of water treatment membrane materials and their application to practical use, such as removal of toxic matters or desalination. His current research focus is to employ a computational approach into nanoporous materials in conjunction with environmentally-friendly seawater treatment. He pursues specialised knowledge, expertise, and interest in the next generation technology of producing fresh water using nanomaterials as membranes.

Daniel obtained his Bachelor of Engineering in Department of Applied Chemistry, Kyungpook National University, Daegu, South Korea in 2009, and an official Teaching Certificate for Secondary Education. He then studied in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering, Seoul National University (SNU), Seoul, and received a degree of Master of Science in 2011. Afterward, he became a high school science teacher for 6 months and joined SNU again as a research assistant. In 2012 he joined the University of Queensland (UQ) to continue his study on membrane science as a PhD student. He has completed the PhD degree in May of 2017. During his studies and work experiences, he has received awards/scholarships on numerous occasions, not only from the university but also from the government. Also, he has published three first-authored articles in SCI peer-reviewed journals, one patent, and delivered several conference presentations/papers. He is currently working as a research administrative assistant in AIBN, also as a tutor/demonstrator in SCMB at UQ. 

Key Publications

​'Hyperbranched Poly(amidoamine)/Polysulfone Composite Membranes for Cd(II) Removal from Water', Journal of Membrane Science, 2012, 396, 83–91. 
Authors: Kuk Nam Han (first author), Byong Yong Yu, and Seung-Yeop Kwak

'Water Diffusion in Zeolite Membranes: Molecular Dynamics Studies on Effects of Water Loading and Thermostat', Journal of Membrane Science, 2015, 495, 322–333.
Authors: Kuk Nam Han (first author), Stefano Bernardi, Lianzhou Wang, and Debra J. Searles

'Water Structure and Transport in Zeolites with Pores in One or Three Dimensions from Molecular Dynamics Simulations', The Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 2017, 121, 381–391.
Authors: Kuk Nam Han (first author), Stefano Bernardi, Lianzhou Wang, and Debra J. Searles

'Hydrphobic chain of amphiphilic dendritic polymer self-assembled membrane for adsorption of metallic ion and method for preparation thereof' Korean Patent, Registration No.(Date) 1012942700000 (2013.08.01)
Inventors: Kuk Nam Han, Byong Yong Yu, and Seung-Yeop Kwak

'Water diffusion in zeolites with 1D and 3D pores for application as desalination membranes'. 5th International Conference for Young Chemists Penang Malaysia, 2015.
Authors: Han, Kuk Nam, Bernardi, Stefano, Wang, Lianzhou and Searles, Debra J.

Full list of publications available on espace


UQ research scholarship (stipend) in Jan 2016 – Aug 2016

NCEDA Supplementary PhD scholarship in July 2012 – Jan 2016

UQI scholarship (tuition and stipend) in July 2012 – Jan 2016

​ANN Bursary (travel grant) in Feb 2014