Jordan focuses on the development of sustainable nanomaterials from arid-adapted biomass

​ Jordan completed a BE/BSc in Chemical Engineering & Biomedical Science from the University of Queensland, conducting undergraduate research on spinifex biomaterials. This work looked at cultivation of spinifex grass to assess the industrial translation of biomass-based nanomaterials, considering biological variabilities that impact supply chain viability and quality control. Before commencing postgraduate research, Jordan worked at AIBN's Spinifex Nanocellulose Downstream Pilot Facility to assist in the industrial scale-up of Spinifex nanomaterial technology.

Advancing upon this research platform, Jordan's PhD direction involves harnessing the underlying genetic architecture of biomass feedstocks to improve the sustainability of biomass-derived nanomaterials, for applications such as bulk recycled paper/cardboard additives and hard carbon battery components.