Mechanotransduction and cellular differentiation

​The role of mechanotransduction in cell differentiation using a unique 3D Polyisocyanopetide based hydrogels. 

My research looks at the role of mechanotransduction in cellular differentiation. The focal adhesion complex is one part of the cellular machinery that provides mechanotransductive cues that influences cellular behaviour. My research addresses this by using 3D culture of cells in a unique synthetic matrix that has tunable matrix stiffness properties to study cell differentiation 

Dr. Madawala is a basic science researcher, she completed her PhD in reproductive biology [2014] within the Cell and Reproductive Biology laboratory where she investigated uterine receptivity during early pregnancy with particular focus on the molecular changes that uterine and stromal cells undergo for successful blastocyst implantation. A key contribution of Dr. Madawala to the field was the identification of morphological caveolae in uterine epithelial cells in the rat. It was the first time that these structures were identified in uterine epithlial cells and their dynamic changes demonstrated during early pregnancy and as a function of hormonal control. This resulted in a publication in the journal Histochemistry and Cell Biology

She continued her research in reproduction within the Human Reproduction Unit [2016-2018] at the Kolling Institute where she focused on mapping the methylation pattern of different emerging cell lineages within the post implantation embryo. This was with the aim to provide insight into the post transgenerational mechanisms for the developmental origin of diseases. 

Key Publications

  1. Madawala Romanthi J., Dowland Samson N., Lindsay Laura A., Murphy Christopher R., Caveolins redistribute in uterine epithelial cells during early pregnancy in the rat. An Epithelial Polarisation Strategy? Histochemistry and Cell Biology. 142(5). p.555-567 (2014)
  2. Dowland, Samson N., Madawala Romanthi J., Poon, Connie.E., Lindsay, Laura A., Murphy, Christopher R. Prominin-2 Prevents the Formation of Caveolae in Normal and Ovarian Hyperstimulated Pregnancy Reproductive Sciences 25(8), 1231-1242 (2018)
  3. Madawala Romanthi J., Poon Connie E., Dowland Samson N., Murphy Christopher R., Actin Cross Linking Protein Filamin A During Early Pregnancy In the Rat Uterus  Reproduction Fertility and Development 28(7), p 60-68 (2015)
  4. Nicolson Leigh, Madawala Romanthi J., Lindsay Laura A., Murphy Christopher R., α-Parvin And β-Parvin In The Rat Uterus During Decidualisation And Uterine Receptivity Histochemistry and Cell Biology (Accepted December 2018)    
  5. Madawala Romanthi J., Dowland Samson N., Poon Connie E., Murphy Christopher R., PTRF is associated with caveolin 1 in uterine epithelial cells at the time of receptivity, but SDPR is absent at this time.  Histochemistry and Cell Biology 143 (6) p637-644 (2015)