Mechanotransduction pathways of bone cells using a defined biomimetic hydrogel

Jung Un's (Ally) research focuses on how the bone microenvironment regulates osteocyte behaviour by influencing mechanotransduction pathways and differentiation process using a defined 3D biomimetic hydrogel.  The overall aim of this study is to set up a novel 3D ECM microenvironment system to investigate changes in osteocyte behaviour such as gene expression and differentiation via the ECM-integrin-cytoskeleton pathway.  This research focuses on the importance of specific integrin subtypes and density of ligands and how this relates to the regulation of osteocytes cellular behaviour. The cellular behaviour will also be monitored as a function of matrix stiffness and externally applied forces.

Jung Un (Ally) Choi earned a B.Sc. and MSc in biomedical sciences at The University of Auckland, New Zealand.  In 2018, she started her PhD study and awarded the UQ and Australian Government Research Training Program (RTP) scholarships.​