MOFs-based Materials in Environmental Applications

Global environmental challenges, especially water pollution due to the rapid growth of economy and industrialization, have become one of the most critical threats humanity is currently facing. Metal-organic frameworks (MOFs) are a class of highly porous materials which consist of metal ions/clusters and organic ligands. Due to their components and structural characteristics, MOFs and their derived materials have been widely used in environmental fields such as advanced oxidation processes (AOPs), adsorption, and separation. My research focus on MOFs-based nanoarchitectured materials with superior performance for environmental remediation.

​Chaohai Wang received his M. S. degree in inorganic chemistry from Zhengzhou University in 2016. He is now studying for a PhD degree under the supervision of Prof. Jiansheng Li at the School of Environment and Biological Engineering, Nanjing University of Science and Technology (NJUST). He obtained the CSC support and joins Prof. Yamauchi's Group as a visiting student in 2018. His research area is the MOFs-based nanomaterial and their application in environmental.


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