The design and engineering of membrane processes for water treatment, gas separation and energy-related applications; surface and interfacial engineering technique for nanocomposite membranes such as metal organic framework, ionic liquid Janus membrane and biocatalytic membranes

Dr Jingwei Hou received his Ph.D. degree in School of Chemical Engineering from the University of New South Wales in 2015. He then joined the UNESCO Centre for Membrane Science and Technology (2015-2017) and University of Cambridge (2017-2019, affiliate of the Trinity College) for this post-doctoral research. Currently, Dr Hou is an ARC DECRA fellow in School of Chemical Engineering, University of Queensland.

Dr Jingwei Hou has attracted over 600,000 AUD external research funds in the past 3 years and contributed over 20 plenary, keynote and invited talks. So far, he has more than 70 publications in highly-ranked international peer-reviewed journals.


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