Optical imaging, with a current focus on Brillouin microscopy

Michael Taylor is a DECRA fellow developing techniques for Brillouin microscopy to use in cellular biomechanics. His prior research has focused on advanced optical imaging and optical biosensing techniques, including developing microscopes for fluorescent calcium imaging of neuronal activity, integrating quantum optics with optical tweezers to break the shot noise limit in particle trackiong, and using wavefront engineering in optical tweezers to enhance trap forces..


​Dr Michael Taylor, Development of high-speed microscopes to study wide-scale neural activity, Human Frontier Science Program, Cross-disciplinary Fellowship (2016-2019)

Prof Warwick Bowen, Dr Lars Madsen, Dr Michael Taylor,
Quantum microscopy: reaching and surpassing the quantum limits to biological imaging, Air Force Office of Scientific Research (2017-2020)

​Dr Michael Taylor, Brillouin microscopy for high-speed imaging of rigidity within cells, ARC Discovery Early Career Researcher Award (2019–2022)

Key Publications

  1. Michael A. Taylor, Jiri Janousek, Vincent Daria, Joachim Knittel, Boris Hage, Hans-A. Bachor, and Warwick P. Bowen, Biological measurement beyond the quantum limit, Nature Photonics 7 229–233 (2013)
  2. Michael A. Taylor, Muhammad Waleed, Alexander B. Stilgoe, Halina Rubinsztein-Dunlop, and Warwick P. Bowen, Enhanced optical trapping via structured scattering, Nature Photonics 9, 669–673 (2015)  
  3. Michael A. Taylor, Tobias Nöbauer, Alejandro Pernia-Andrade, Friederike Schlumm, Alipasha Vaziri,   Brain-wide 3D light-field imaging of neuronal activity with speckle enhanced resolution, Optica 5, 345-353 (2018)
  4. Michael A. Taylor and Warwick P. Bowen, Quantum metrology and its application in biology, Physics Reports 615 1–59 (2016)
  5. Michael A. Taylor, Gilles C. Vanwalleghem, Itia A. Favre‐Bulle, and Ethan K. Scott, “Diffuse light‐sheet microscopy for stripe‐free calcium imaging of neural populations”, Journal of Biophotonics e201800088 (2018)

Full list of publications available here