Genome-scale reconstruction and metabolic modelling of plants and algae

Dr Cristiana G.O Dal'Molin is a Bioengineer, Lecturer and member of the Chemical and Biological Engineering Program of the School of Chemical Engineering at the University of Queensland. She is also project leader at the Australian Institute for Bioengineering and Nanotechnology. Dr Dal'Molin is internationally and nationally recognised for her pioneer contributions to the areas of genome-scale reconstruction and metabolic modelling of plants and algae. Dr Dal'Molin is the developer and creator of open source metabolic models (AraGEM, C4GEM and AlgaGEM) used by industry and scientific community to investigate metabolism of plant and algae.

Her expertises are metabolic engineering, genome-scale metabolic reconstruction, multi-tissue modelling, fluxomics, pathway analysis of complex organisms and poor characterized microbiome. Dr. Dal'Molin research integrates high-throughput data sets generated by modern omics technologies with metabolic network reconstructions to study the complexity of biological systems.

Key Publications

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