Nanoformulations for cancer and Alzheimer's disease treatment

​My research focus on the biomedical applicaiton of clay-based materials for designing nanovaccines or nanomedicines to treat malignant cancer and Alzheimer's disease. These researches include (1) investigate the influences of physical characteristics of nanovaccines (e.g., colloidal stability, size, dimension) and vaccination delivering routes to immune responses; (2) utilize clay-based multifunctional nanomedicines or nanovaccines to overcome tumor immune tolerance and enhance the therapeutic efficacy of cancer vaccines; (3) utilizing clay nanoplatform for multiple drugs co-delivery to treat Alzheimer's disease.

2011-2015            B.Eng. in Pharmaceutical Engineering, Beijing University of Chemical Technology         

2015-now          Ph.D. Student in Biochemical Engineering, Institute of Process Engineering Chinese Academy of Sciences, University of Chinese Academy of Sciences

10/2019-now    Visiting Research Student in Australian Institute for Bioengineering and Nanotechnology, The University of Queensland

Key Publications

Zhang, L.X.#, Sun, X.M., Xu, Z.P.*, Liu, R.T.*, Development of Multifunctional Clay-based Nanomedicine for Elimination of Primary Invasive Breast Cancer and Prevention of its Lung Metastasis and Distant Inoculation. ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 2019, 11, 39, 35566-35576. (Q1, TOP, IF=8.456, Citation: not yet)

Zhang, L.X.#, Xie, X.X., Liu, D.Q., Xu, Z.P.*, Liu, R.T.*, Efficient co-delivery of neo-epitopes using dispersion-stable layered double hydroxide nanoparticles for enhanced melanoma immunotherapy. Biomaterials, 2018, 174: 54-66. (Q1, TOP, IF= 10.273, Citation: 15)

 Zhang, L.X.#, Liu, D.Q.#, Wang, S.W.#, Yu, X.L., Ji, M., Xie, X.X., Liu, S.Y., Liu, R.T.*, MgAl-layered double hydroxide nanoparticles co-delivering siIDO and Trp2 peptide effectively reduce IDO expression and induce cytotoxic T-lymphocyte responses against melanoma tumor in mice. Journal of Materials Chemistry B2017, 5: 6266-6267. (Q1, IF= 5.047, Citation: 7)

 Wang, S.W #, Liu, D.Q.#Zhang, L.X.#, Ji, M., Zhang, Y.X., Dong, Q.X., Liu, S.Y., Xie, X.X., Liu, R.T.*, A vaccine with Aβ oligomer-specific mimotope attenuates cognitive deficits and brain pathologies in transgenic mice with Alzheimer's disease. Alzheimer's Research & Therapy, 2017, 9(1): 41. (Q1, IF= 6.142, Citation: 6)

Liu, D.Q.#, Lu, S.#Zhang, L.X., Ji, M., Liu, S.Y., Wang, S.W., Liu, R.T.*, An indoleamine 2, 3-dioxygenase siRNA nanoparticle-coated and Trp2-displayed recombinant yeast vaccine inhibits melanoma tumor growth in mice. Journal of Controlled Release, 2018, 273 :1. (Q1, IF= 7.901, Citation: 4)