Nanoscopy and Mechanobiology

​Mahdie has gained multidisciplinary research experience in molecular cell biology, cellular biomechanics, and advanced imaging techniques. She joined Prof. Alan Rowan in 2019 for utilizing nanoscopy for the study of mechanobiology. The major part of her work is optimizing the recent development of the group which is a state-of-art combined confocal fluorescence microscope-rheometer setup. Using this setup, she monitors the behaviour of cells inside three-dimensional hydrogel under the controlled force applied via rheometer. In a collaboration with Prof. Rob Parton from IMB, Mahdie studies caveolae, cellular structures involved in cell mechanosensing. She performs live visualisation of the dynamics of caveolae (assembly, trafficking, and disassembly) in the cell as the response to mechanical force.

Key Publications

Mahdie Mollazade, Thibault Tabarin, Philip Nicovich, Alexander Soeriyadi, Daniel Neives, Justin Gooding and Katharina Gaus (2017) Can single-molecule localization microscopy be used to map closely spaced RGD nanodomains? PLoS ONE 12(7):e0180871.

Book chapter: Merja Joensuu, Ramon Martínez-Mármol, Mahdie Mollazade, Pranesh Padmanabhan, Frédéric A Meunier. Single molecule imaging of recycling synaptic vesicles in living nerve terminals by subdiffractional tracking of internalized molecules. Single Molecule Microscopy, Springer Protocols.

Merja Joensuu, Ramon Martínez-Mármol, Pranesh Padmanabhan, Nick R. Glass, Nela Durisic, Matthew Pelekanos, Mahdie Mollazade, Giuseppe Balistreri, Rumelo Amor, Justin J. Cooper-White, Geoffrey J. Goodhill and Frédéric A. Meunier (2017) Visualizing endocytic recycling and trafficking in live neurons by subdiffractional tracking of internalized molecules (sdTIM). Nat Protoc 12(12):2590–2622.

Xun Lu, Philip Nicovich, Manchen Zhao, Daniel Nieves, Mahdie Mollazade, S.R.C. Vivekchand, Katharina Gaus, J. Justin Gooding (2018) Monolayer surface chemistry enables 2-colour single-molecule localisation microscopy of adhesive ligands and adhesion proteins. Nat Commun 20;9(1):3320.

Sophie Pageon, Philip Nicovich, Mahdie Mollazade, Thibault Tabarin and Katharina Gaus (2016) Clus-DoC: A combined cluster detection and colocalization analysis for single-molecule localization microscopy data. Mol Biol Cell 7;27(22):3627-3636.